Associates in Counseling & Wellness, LLC is a professional counseling practice dedicated to serving the needs of children, adolescents, adults, and families.  ACW provides clinically proven treatment interventions that are specific to the individual needs of each client seeking services.

Dr. Elizabeth Ventura, Owner and Founder of the practice, has built an extensive network of resources in the community to enhance the overall treatment provided at the practice. Understanding that treatment is often most successful when an individual is viewed as a person first, rather than a diagnostic label, Dr. Ventura strives to create an environment within the practice that promotes respect and healing.

While each therapist has specific training in certain areas of counseling or psychology, treatment begins by assessing and targeting the specific needs of the client within a safe and validating therapeutic relationship.

As a practice that focuses on treating individuals across the lifespan with mental and behavioral health services,  treatment remains anchored in the personal goals of each client and the belief that within the therapeutic relationship, individuals can find hope that there are ways to address the thoughts, emotions, actions, or beliefs that are preventing them from achieving a more balanced and fulfilling life.

There are many ways to discover how to live a more meaningful life, choosing counseling can be one of those ways.

Thank you for allowing us to accompany you on this journey!